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The Fayette Striders race series started in 2008. It was created to keep members interested in the club, attract new members, and support Fayette County races.

In the beginning of each year the club decides; which races will be in the series, and what difficulty and competition points will be awarded to these races. This is typically based on knowledge of the course and the number of prior years participants. When agreed upon, the list of races within the races series will be posted to this page below.

Prerequisits for a race to be in the series are:
  1. At least 50% of the race must be held within the Fayette County limits
  2. The race must be at least one year old

Racers are assigned finisher points based on their performance in the race. Finisher points are then multiplied by the combined difficulty and competition points to award a certain number of points per race. The top seven highest points scored are summed to determine the category winners.

15 & under XX
60 & upXXXX

In addition to the age group categories, there is an overall category that totals all points for the year. In addition, racers are awarded 40 bonus points for each race beyond 14 races completed, thus making the series very interesting towards the end of the year!